Manual Lymphatic Massage

Manual lymphatic massage is directed at moving the fluid layer of the body. Like water, it is both gentle and rhythmic, but results in deep relaxation while triggering a powerful detox of the system. Many clients feel calmed by the treatment, and express a renewed sense of vitality and clarity.

Vodder-based manual lymphatic drainage is a technique designed to restore a congested lymphatic system to its natural flow. Deeply relaxing, this gentle but powerful modality exercises the small atrophied muscles of the lymph system. It stimulates a detoxification as it re-establishes the free flow of lymph throughout the body, which allows the body to restore and maintain health and balance in its systems. Additional use of Lymphstar sound and light vibrational technologies break up lymphatic congestion at the molecular level, optimizing results of manual therapy.

Due to the detoxifying/restorative nature of this modality, lymphatic therapy optimizes and is optimized when used in conjunction with detox programs.

Lymphatic Drainage was pioneered in Austria by Emil Vodder in the 1930′s, while working to clear severe sinus congestion with his patients. It developed into a whole-body therapy which stimulated lymphatic action (our natural detox system), thereby increasing the body’s restorative and healing capacity. This therapy drains stagnant lymph and restores it to function on its own. Today, it is the fourth most recommended therapy by European doctors for both preventative and post-surgical healing.