The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is an integral component of the immune system, filtering the blood of all cellular waste. When healthy, it absorbs and discharges unwanted body fat, excess fluids, toxins, bacteria, viruses, hormone, and assists in healing challenges related to all of the body’s systems.

The lymph system flows upward through the body towards the neck. Unlike the vascular system, it does not have a pump. Rather, it depends on muscle contraction, respiration, and peristalsis to move it along. When any part of the lymph system becomes overloaded with toxins, the system stagnates, creating a toxic, oxygen-deprived environment conducive to degeneration and disease.
Common symptoms related to a congested lymphatic system are lumps, bumps, pain, swelling, fatigue and low immune response.


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About the Therapist

My Story

I have been interested in alternative health since I was in college, reading articles for non-toxic ways of healing and boosting the immune system. I became a massage therapist after I graduated from college, to support my interest in art, writing, and travel.

It was not until I returned to the States from years abroad, and offered to help a friend with Lyme Disease, that I began to practice lymphatic therapy. Read more...



My Philosophy

I dedicate my practice and my continuing studies to my clients, who have taken this step, valuing their well-being, and inquiring after how they can grow in loving and caring for the miracle that they are.


I was traveling in another world! ... My sore throat disappeared along with my morning headache. Alicia’s hands are like enzymes greeting you and helping you digest any tension in your being.
— ML, Los Angeles
My right nostril has opened up, my right tear duct drains again, and my armpit is perspiring again. And I’m not cold all the time anymore!
Alicia is an excellent guide in the healing journey. I was impressed with her knowledge and her demeanor. I had 6 sessions and noticed improvement after the very first one.
After seeing Alicia a few times, I felt much more clarity and physical well-being. She taught me techniques for self healing as well as directing me to the right path for my own personal research and education.
I have been able to release both physical and emotional toxins that have been trapped in my body for years!
— MN, Ojai
Thank you for all of the support, effort, and energy you have put towards my healing. I did not even know such was relief was possible. I am grateful and hopeful to think that I can be pain-free!”
— KB, Ojai