I have been interested in alternative health since I was in college, reading articles for non-toxic ways to boost or heal the immune system. I became a massage therapist after I graduated from college, to support my interest in art, writing, and travel.  I had a DVD that I studied to help a client in Greece, but found the technique so different from my background, that I did not feel comfortable practicing without formal training. It was not until I returned to the States from years abroad, and offered to help a friend with Lyme Disease, that I began to practice lymphatic therapy.

I tried the technique on my friend. I worked on him to the best of my ability, and the results were surprising. He claimed he slept better than he had in months, and his energy felt tremendously improved. I knew that as a massage tech, though my massages are very good, I probably would not have been able to make such a powerful difference with some one in the throes of debilitating disease. So maybe there was something to this lymphatic therapy, I thought. And perhaps, also, to gentleness?

I pursued formal training in lymphatic therapy after this experience. In the class, I became immediately aware that, though I had taken anatomy coursework and also various health courses, that the lymphatic system was hugely ignored. When the lymph comprises most of the immune system, I could not understand how any health class could be complete without understanding it. It became very obvious to me that our bodies are designed to heal. And while we pray for a miracle, our engineering is already miraculous, we just don’t know how to maintain it.

I am excited when I see some of my client’s symptoms improve or disappear after a few treatments. It would be a misnomer to suggest that lymphatic therapy can heal all that ails us. However, beginning with the lymph is a great place to begin our restorative work because the fluid layer nourishes all layers of the body.
I dedicate my practice and my continuing studies to my clients, who have taken this step, valuing their well-being, and inquiring after how they can grow in loving and caring for the miracle that they are.